MCS Insulation Participates in ADP’s JumpStart to Success

MCS Insulation participated in JumpStart to Success 2018 on Thursday, February 8, 2018 at the Forrest County Multi-Purpose Center in Hattiesburg, Miss in an effort to educate high school freshmen on fiberglass batt insulation.


JumpStart to Success is sponsored and presented by the Area Development Partnership (ADP) to expose high school students to career opportunities in the region. The students were presented information through demonstrations, videos, displays, and interactive models.


“JumpStart to Success arms our future workforce with the tools and information needed to make informed decisions on education needs and available opportunities, right here in the Pinebelt,” said Daniel Jayroe Community Development, Economic Development Director for the ADP.


Students who visited the MCS Insulation booth were taught how to properly install fiberglass batt insulation and the importance of proper installation.


By installing the proper insulation, residents will keep cool during the hot summers and stay warm during the cooler months. Insulation can also improve a room’s air quality and reduce noise. Essentially, a well-insulated home is a more comfortable home . This is an industry for the younger generation to learn.


Nearly 1,000 students attended with approximately 50 exhibitors showcasing their industries.


“We were happy to participate! It was fun to watch the young, future workforce try out various hands-on activities to see what careers might interest them,” said Jessica Breazeale, PR & Marketing Director for MCS Insulation. “I wanted to make our exhibit really fun, so these young people would want to learn about our industry. Some students even made it a competition by racing each other to see who could install the fastest, and I would then judge their work. It was a fun event and a great day.”






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